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14 Tips on How To Get A Great Deal on A Used Car In Saskatoon

How to find a good deal on a used car in Saskatoon?

 Finding a used car for sale online can be a tiring journey.

There are just too many options and information overload.


For this reason, Daou Auto, Saskatoon’s local used car dealership has put together a 14 checklist to make your online used car research easier.

Are you ready to get the best-used car for sale in Saskatoon?


Tip #1 | Ask for a CarFax

Most Saskatoon used car dealers have a CarFax account.

You must ask for the CarFax report and look for any accidents or damage claims.


Tip # 2 | Damage Claims

Do not worry about minor accidents, ideally, anything under $10,000 should be ok.

Nowadays, a small claim on a used car can easily be $3,000 to $5,000.

If it is a premium-luxury used car brands such as Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Lexus or Mercedes the claims for even a small headlight repair can cost around $5,000.

So, please don’t get too scared if you see a damage claim of $2,000 or multiple claims.

As long as they have been repaired, you are good.


Tip #3 | SGI Damage History Report

For a Saskatchewan’s local used car, the SGI Report is as good as a CarFax Report.

These two reports tell exactly the same information when it comes to damage claims.



Tip #4 | VIN Search for Damage Claims

Again, if it is a Saskatchewan’s local used car, you can ask the used car dealer for the VIN number of the used car you are interested in.

Next, visit the SGI’s Damage Claim website enter the VIN in the Search bar and the damage claim reports will be displayed.

Here is how the SGI Vin Search page looks like:


Tip #5 | Owner’s History

A step commonly missed during the used car buying journey in Saskatoon.

Fair enough.

However, please make sure you ask the used car dealer about the Owner’s history.

The reason you want to ask this is that you need to know if the car has been moved around or been with a couple of owners for a long time.

If the car has been with owners for a long time, chances are they have maintained it well!



Tip #6 | Ask Tough & Hard Questions When Buying A Used Car 

Yes! Ask them how the dealer got the used car on their used car lot?

We understand that this is a hard question, however, you are making a big investment so you should not be shy and must ask the hard questions.



Tip # 7 | Inspection Report

This is a big one. A well-used car dealer will disclose this information without any hassle.

Ask the used car dealer:

  • When was the inspection done?
  • How many points inspection?
  • What was discovered during the inspection?
  • What was repaired post-inspection?



Tip # 8 | Don’t Show Your Emotions

It is natural when you drive a nice-looking newer car than yours, you just want to it home!

Fair enough, however, we highly recommend you do not show your emotion and be smart about them.

If the dealer sense that you are falling in love with the car, your negotiating game can be over.



TIP #9 | Warranty Balance on the Used Car

This is a money-saving tip!

If it is a five- or less-year old year used the car, there is a good chance that the used car you are interested in has a balance of factory or extended warranty.

Ask the used car dealer for warranty details.

Used car extended warranty ranges from $1000 to $1500 and if there is already one on the vehicle, you just saved money & got free peace of mind!

Key Warranty Questions to Ask:

  • Expiry date or how many more KMs until Warranty is over.
  • What is covered under the warranty? (power train, bumper to bumper, etc)
  • What will revoke the Warranty?



Tip #10 | Extended Warranty

For the used cars that do not have any Warranty Balance left or that it expires soon, you may want to consider purchasing an extended warranty.

The key is to negotiate, the dealer will do their best to sell the Warranty say no couple of time until they sharpen their pencil!



Tip #11 | Where Is The Car From?

If you are buying a used car in Saskatchewan, we highly recommend you ask where the car is originally from?

The idea behind this question is to find out if the vehicle stayed in Ontario for an extended period, like 2 – 3 or more years.

The reason is that Ontario uses salt to melt the ice which increases the risk of rust on the used vehicles.

You sure do not want rust on your second most expensive investment!


Tip # 12 | Negotiating Tactic

Feel free to use a bookmarked used car on the app that you are shopping.

You can also print the comparable vehicles in the market, and bring those along to the used car dealership.

Make sure they are comparables, for example, if you are shopping for a used van, and the dealer has a 2015 Toyota Sienna on the lot, bring other 2014 Toyota Sienna, 2016 Toyota Sienna or even Honda Odyssey of the similar year.

This will help you in negotiating the best price on the used car.

This is a strong signal to the used car dealer that you have done your research and are a serious customer.



Tip 13 | Don’t Make A Low Offer

All of the used car dealerships understand that consumers are looking for the best deal on their next purchase.

And nothing ticks them off more than an email with a low ball offer.

It is common in dealerships to receive an email on a 2014 Honda Civic that is listed for $18,000 and the consumer is making an offer saying would you consider $12,000?

Dealers are not desperate, and usually will not even entertain your email.

Show respect, test drive the used car, if you really like it then there are other used cars negotiating tactics that you can apply.



Tip 14 | The Uncommon Way Of Negotiating

You can also negotiate in a different way and get a better deal.

Do not discuss the price at first.

Show that you are keen on getting a vehicle, however, you also like to have some additional accessories.

It could be mud flaps, new floor mats or a hitch installation.

Ask them if they could do something for you.

Use the comparable vehicle list and tell them “hey yours do not have a hitch and the other one that I am considering does have one”

Can you work something out?

You may get a good discount on the installation, or maybe even at no charge.

Chances are now you have a good business case to get the used car negotiating conversations started on the right note!


That sums it up!

We wish you all the best in your car buying journey!