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Used Car Loans Saskatoon

Used Car Loan and Used Auto Financing Services by Daou Auto - Get Driving Now

Why Choose Daou Auto for your Used Car Loan? Top Four Benefits

At Daou Auto we are a small family business with big access to major car loans lenders in Canada!

The main reason why our clients work with us to find the best low interest car loan for them in simple, we are not a big franchise dealership who is constantly going after their used car sales target creating pressure.

This is what makes our used car loans services special.

The no pressure environment that we maintain, and us acting as used car finance consultant for you with banks.

Plus we do not have lofty used car sales targets to achieve every month, and we take pride in working and representing our clients to the banks.

Here are few things we strive to achieve when offering used auto loans:


#1 - Getting The Low Interest Car Loan:

Our number one goal is to find the best available interest rate for your car loan.

We work with leading financial lenders in Canada and score you the best available interest rate.

We do not finance homes, or any line of credits like banks would, which gives us an edge to know more about auto loans as we can proudly call ourselves an expert in the niche of used auto loans!


#2 - Working with in your budget:

This is the second area of focus when we do a car loan application.

We want to make sure your car loan is affordable, and fit your used vehicle budget.

We like our clients to enjoy their life and the new ride.

Since we have been helping car buyers with car loans in Saskatoon for a very long time, we know how to handle the banks for you.

Sometime we achieve this by getting you a longer term on your car loan, and sometime we achieve this by getting you the best available rate possible which you had no access to in case you shopped at your bank.


#3 - We Work With Leading Financial Institutions:

This is the third biggest benefit of applying for a car loan at Daou Auto.

Suppose you go to your bank to get a used car loan, they only have one lender, one rate and one option to present to you.

Plus, they do mortgages, they do line of credits and all other types of loans where as at Daou Auto we only know auto loans.

Plus having access to multiple major automotive loan lenders in Canada means we can offer you choices, options and flexibility.

We just love finding the best used car financing option, and get you driving a used car faster than you think!


# 4 - Car Loans Process That Save You Time:

You can start you application online to save time or call us at 306-665-3268


Who Do We Help Get A Used Car Loan?

Our Used Car Finance Manager take time to learn your background and requirements prior to submitting the car loan application.

We have helped people in different stages of life including:

Clients with Good Credit

Did you say have a good credit?

We've Got You Covered with Best Interest Rates Car Loans In Saskatoon!

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bankrupt, repossession, divorce or loss or job?

No sweat, life happens.

We've got an option for you!

No Credit Vehicle Loans & Financing

New to country?

Buying your very first vehicle?

No problem.

You Live in Prince Albert or Regina & Need A Car Loan

We have technology and processes in place to do up a car loan application within the comfort of your home.

We offer car loans to anyone in Saskatchewan, and deliver the vehicle to you as well!

It does not matter what life changing event affected your credit or where you are current in your credit journey.

Our Experienced Saskatoon based Auto Finance Loan Consultant have skills and expertise to get you into a specially designed used car loan.


How does a car loan application work?

    • Step 1: You Choose A Vehicle Type You Want To Drive - (SUV - Truck - Sedan - Van)
    • Step 2: You Set A Month Budget For Us To Work With - ($200 to $300 per month - $300 to $400 per month or $400 or more per month)
    • Step 3: You Start You Used Car Finance Application Online Or By Calling Us

APPLY ONLINE NOW or CALL 306-665-3268