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7 Stay At Home Fun Christmas Ideas That’ll Make Christmas 2020 A Memorable One!

7 Stay At Home Fun Christmas Ideas That’ll Make Christmas 2020 A Memorable One! 


Hey, we are more than just a used car dealership in Saskatoon. 

We understand that this Christmas is going to be a little different, and we thought we should share some ideas to make it a memorable experience.

Imagine, being able to be together in 2021 and celebrating Christmas together, discussing all of the unique things Christmas 2020 made us do! 

Wouldn’t that be fun?

Here is a list of 7 ideas that you can incorporate to make a stay at home Christmas 2020 an exciting one!


Used Car Dealer


If you plan, this idea will get the whole family to participate in, and get extremely excited about.

What to do:

Pick a Christmas theme, and send everyone in the family a note in advance.

Play with some ideas for the theme, such as Christmas Face Painting, Ugly Sweaters, Red Dress, or reindeer headband attire.


Make it a fun challenge for the family to think creatively and be creative.

Want to make it a step further, and we are sure the kids in the family will enjoy this the most, announce a best-dressed winner at the end!



Most Christmas family parties start with a cocktail.  This helps them relax after all that last-minute decisions and prep.

This year do it virtually. Send a calendar invite and have everyone ready for a cocktail by 8 PM!

You are all good at conversations, however, we plan to ask everyone to share their cocktail recipe. 




The young children in your family would love this activity. Christmas celebrations and cookie decoration is a tradition for a lot of families in Canada.

We can perform it virtually, and have some fun with it!

The steps are simple, ask family members to have sugar cookies, the icings as usual handy for your party, and while you decorate cookies, be connected virtually.

Have fun with it!

Hey, if you are doing this on Christmas Eve, children will be able to leave cookies for Santa!


Host a virtual gingerbread house making contest!

We all would need to bring a gingerbread house kit which you can order online, and enjoy your favorite beverage while you try to build and create your own unique gingerbread house!

This is for sure an all-ages activity and high in Christmas spirit.



This is our favorite Christmas activity!

The only requirement is to prepare ahead of time this year.

Nonetheless, you can still purchase, send, and open the gifts with your family members virtually and play the classic Secret Santa!

See it is all about getting creative.

One of the practices we apply is that we put a cap on how much each person will spend on the gift.



Ask every family member to send you their favorite Christmas carol in advance and make sure everyone gets to enjoy their favorite one!

YouTube is your best friend for this activity, make a playlist, and sing along with everyone!

Once again, with a little preparation, we can make this Christmas fun, exciting, and unique.


Virtual Family Talent Show


This is our personal favorite. This gets everyone involved and gets them to be creative. 

Host a family talent show!

We all have a comedian in the family, a dancer, a rockstar, a singer, a magician in the family.

A little heads up to prepare and here you can have fun hours! 


What is your Christmas Party Plan this year?


That is what we have on our list to share with you as far as Christmas 2020 ideas go! 

How about you? What will you incorporate into your Christmas Party from the list above this year?

What else do you have planned? Please share the love and hey.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas from Daou Auto Family.